why do we always want what we always can't have ?

Sometimes i wounder why it's so unfiar that some people can get whatever they want or need but some just can't ?
Some are lucky and some are not , why ?
Has it always been like this ,there is nothing you can do about it i mean you could try but im not sure if its gonig to work but you can always try right ?
i know everyone can relate to the subject i can too but i really feel bad for those who are in need for those really want to be able to someting new and people just are so rude its just soo disgusting how some people can  disgust me ,using me as an object for your selfish reasons and just end up hurting the person but im not surre if you do that on purpose but i know that its painfull to see the people in need of happiness just someone to tell them that its okay to be who you are i just really hate the crulety in this world its just so unfair .
As if there isn't already so much pain in this world
, do we really need all this stupid silly drama ? the lack of respect is just unbelieveble, i wish i could change .

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