my latest obbsessions!!

as you can see i have been obbsessssd by some things lately but you have to guess what it is !
1. the first thing is a tv show ;man its soooo good can't wait for te next episode!
2. a music artist : she is amazing she sings in english and another european language p.s. not swedish or north europe either.
3. last but not least it's a song about love and its from a animated tv show it's very very famous and there are 5 main people and i bet most of you already know what im talking about well if you don't it's the s------ haha well anyways its a song from the show . good luck :P

Kommentarer från er söta läsare.

i think tv show :D

2011-08-12 // 23:53:00

ya tv show :)

2011-08-12 // 23:53:37

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