i wish could be with someone like you baby !

hiya , everyone i meet someone really nice and adorable he iss oo sweet and just soo amazing ,as i said before i wish i coulb be with someone like him .anyways donnt try scotch whiskyy itss soo gross and burns your throut now you would probbaily be woundering how does she know this ... wel  i found some at home and i wanted to try and see what iis was about butt i dont see it the smell is like rotten grapejuice and old beer mixed with ewwwwness and it taste exactly like the smell basically like death yesss it tastes like death lol but i kinda feel like it tastes like petrol or that what my mouth tastes like well yeah i just wanted to say that and its friday today yess  finally but i came home earlier tday because i wanted to skip well its not exactly skipping if your parents emil you righht ? yes soo my *parents * emailed me and i got to go home :P but i have to study like carzy now for social science! wish me luck people :D
oh btw this is the shit i tryied dont try it its gross and my stomach feel so weird after thiss :/

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